Taylor Dance Productions is committed to excellent dance training for the whole family. Whether you are a trained and seasoned dancer on the way to a professional career -- and seek the extreme technical training needed for that journey -- or are a beginner of any age, Taylor Dance Productions has a class for you. We recognize that people dance for different reasons: some for fitness, some for fun, and some because of the deep desire to become a professional in the field. Taylor Dance Productions' trained, experienced, and professional instructors are here to make your dance experience the best it can be.
     Taylor Dance Productions is currently offering classes through the City of Hollywood at The Boulevard Heights Community Center. The center is located in at 6770 Garfield St, Hollywood, FL 33024. Being a part of The Boulevard Heights Community Center allows Taylor Dance Productions to offer classes at a rate that is affordable for the whole family, while also supporting The City of Hollywood, its Community Centers, and also other community-based programs.

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